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AUTOMATED DROPSHIP Store, Fast Shipping. Hundreds of Products.
No website making skills are required. So simple that even a kid can operate a profitable business.

The sale of this website includes mentorship on how to operate the website by our team of professionals.

If in case the buyer does not like the domain name, we will replace it and the logo, with a domain name that a buyer wants and owns or registers a new one.


This website can be operated from anywhere in the world where there is the internet.

This industry is a multi-million dollar industry and it is an ever-growing industry according to experts.

Since the website is automated, this website is good to earn extra income while holding your present job or make it your full-time job, people in dropshipping are earning in tens of thousands of dollars per month with only minutes of time spent per week on their businesses. If they can do it, so can you. Make money while you sleep.

1-The inventory is automatically updated every day.
2-The suppliers' warehouses are located in the USA, Russia, or China, or sometimes all three at the same time. The arrival time of shipments is usually within 12 days to the USA, usually about 10 days. The supplier's ship to all over the world.
3-The suppliers are professional and provide professional services. They are in business for years. The supplier's names will be given to the buyer only, to protect the buyer from the competition.
4-The sale includes the domain name and the Shopify account.
5-You get instant email notifications of orders from your customers from your website.
6-Orders are semi-automatically forwarded to the supplier with just one click.
7-Suppliers will ship the orders and automatically post the tracking numbers to your website.
8-Hosted on Shopify with fast 99.99% uptime with https secure servers for secure credit card processing.
9-No knowledge of website making is required, it is all done.
10-Hundreds of products are added to the website.
11-The supplier does not put its company name on the packages so the customer thinks it came from your company.
12-Returns are handled by the suppliers.
13-Profit markup is set between 30% to 200% depending on products.
14-The money of the sales is automatically deposited to your bank every second day by Shopify.
15-All major credit cards and google pay, apple pay, PayPal are set up to accept orders from your customers. The website credit card processing is set to TEST MODE while we are selling the website. Please feel free to place an order to see how the website works, your credit card will not be charged.

This website is a dropshipping business therefore, zero investment is needed to run this business except for the monthly hosting fee of $29 and the purchase price of the website.

No inventory is required to own.
The products you sell are directly sent to your customers from the supplier.
The suppliers package them and send them to the addresses of your customers.

Here is an example of a dropship transaction:
step-1 A customer buys a product from your website for $200.
step-2 You place an order at the website of your products supplier for $100.
step-3 Spend the money left over, which is $100, this is your profit.
You give the supplier your customer's address(it is done automatically on this website with one click) and the supplier will send to your customer the product the customer bought.
You never have to worry about storing products, packaging them, writing labels, etc. all is done by the suppliers.

What is required to keep the business operational?
A credit card(prepaid or regular) and a bank account.
If you live in a third world country then a Paypal account is also required.

The profit is set at 30% to 200% markup per product.
The profit markup can be changed with just one click by filling in the percentage of the fixed amount you want to change on all the products or individually to each product.
The markup can be set by suppliers' price ranges also.

Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they?
The hosting fee for Shopify $29 USD/month includes automating the inventory every day.
Credit card processing fee by Shopify or by Paypal around 3% per order.
This is a small amount considering just the first few orders will cover the fee.

What is included in the sale?
1- The domain name.
2- The Shopify account.
3- Two-year support and training by email, phone, or skype whichever the buyer prefers.
(USA and Canada only for phone support unless you call us)

The website and the domain name will be transferred to the new owner within 5 days from the time payment is received by PayPal, credit card, cheque, skrill, or deposited in escrow.
Listing ID: 562
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